State of the Arts – Public Expert Project Pitches

State of the Arts and ELAN recognize that there are many rapidly evolving conversations that reflect the complex makeup of Quebec’s artistic communities. We all have unique strengths and by coming together, we can work towards building a healthy and sustainable artistic and cultural future in Quebec. We acknowledge that we do not hold the expertise and you know which project you want to have happen. We are leaving it to you to decide. Who do you want to be your public expert? Vote for the projects you feel will make an impact on the State of the Arts!

Check out these 2 minute videos to see who you feel are our public experts…..

With that, we present: State of the Arts Public Experts Projects (SOTA-PEP)!

What is SOTA-PEP?

A short-term project that you believe will help English-speaking artists in Quebec help other artists and/or the arts community in Quebec.

Four SOTA-PEP pitches will be chosen by the public to receive $1500 to complete their project for the greater good of the State of the Arts.


Projects may concentrate on the following categories:

  1. Open - anything and everything you can think of to fill an existing gap;
  2. Remote/Regions Focus - outside of the Greater Montreal;
  3. Underrepresented - If you or your community are underrepresented in Quebec’s arts and cultural domain, this category is for you;
  4. Bonus - next highest voted from any category.

Voting Criteria

  1. Elligible applicants are individuals, collectives, ad hoc groups, and/or organizations who are not receiving operations funding.
  2. Projects go beyond directly assisting the applicant’s personal artistic vision/goals to address a broader issue, problem, or group in the arts community.
  3. Pitches were submitted by a public call and were selected based on being a Quebec resident and pitching a project that was beyond the scope of a personal/group artistic mandate.

    Projects were encouraged from all qualified individuals, including persons with disabilities, visible minorities, Aboriginal peoples, newcomers to Canada, and individuals from all groups who experience marginalization.

  4. Projects must be completed by March 25, 2019. Results will be presented at a public event on March 28, 2019. At this time, candidates will receive the second instalment of their payment. In some cases, projects will be executed after the March 28th deadline.

Voting Process


Aaron Saloman
Lisa Ndejuru
Maggie Winston
Shayna Hadley
Shelley Miller

Regions / Remote

Louise Abbot
Maggie Flynn
Steve Luxton


Seeley Quest


We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Conseil des arts de Montréal, and the Canada Council for the Arts.